Get Back to Happy

Okay, I’m fine with my job but that doesn’t mean it’s not easier to think about the weekend and all the great things that will make me happy then.   Or maybe you actually love your job and you are a little aimless on Saturday.  Whatever the case, you can snap your fingers and change you mood in any situation.

I already planned to write a little ditty about this when I saw Gary Vee’s quote on LinkedIn today.  It’s perfect for this convo.

“It’s starts with being honest with ourselves … and getting ourselves happy, once you do that you don’t have negativity inside to deploy and you start being optimistic and positive and that leads to results for you, your family and society.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

I like good vibes.  I want to stay in the zone as much as possible, no matter what time of day it is.  Aligning with the things that make me feel great sounds easy but what if you don’t know how?

The easiest way to know what makes you happy is make a list!  (Yes!!! A legit reason for list making that won’t make me feel like a Type A psycho!)  Sit down for just like 15 minutes.  There were be little things and big things you come up with.  A bunch of your items will probably be things you can do today!

Sure, you might have “skiing in the Swiss Alps ” down.   I bet just looking at a picture of it will create positive feelings right now.  This makes me pretty darn happy and I’m excited for a chance to bask in the sun on a snowy mountaintop.  It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a trip scheduled.  The universe knows how much I appreciate this example so it bring more of that for me to enjoy.


I know this is surprisingly tough for some to pinpoint so I’m sharing a semi-short list of my own happy triggers.

Giving someone a gift: I get sooo excited to give presents and find myself constantly buying little things for others or baking them cupcakes like this display I put together last year for co-workers.  It was probably more fun for me than they got out of it!IMG_1645

Drinking diner coffee: Diners are so classic and dependable.  Pancakes, bacon, and coffee refills-my standard order no matter what time of day!IMG_1619

Watching 17 Again – specifically this scene (You’re welcome!):  I have Zac dibs.  My love has not wavered ever since 11th grade when I saw High School Musical…yes, I was still watching the Disney channel in high school.


Singing in the car – bonus points for songs from Glee: They have the best versions of pop songs that are literally made for sing alongs!img_3781.jpg

Having manicured nails: I’ve tried to convince myself it doesn’t bother me to have raggedy nails but, wow, do I feel better about myself when they’re done.  

Wouldn’t these be adorable for winter??(source)

Fresh flowers around: Walking into a room and seeing blooming flowers is a huge mood lifter. I’ve bought cheaper bouquets at Giant for like $3.99 and they’re gorgeous.  I don’t need to have a dozen red roses on my dining room table every day.  Tulips like this at Whole Foods are my favorites.IMG_4285

Disney World: I’m still so obsessed with it and need to go back ASAP. It really is like magic there.  Every detail is tailored to Disney and making you feel like you’re a kid again.fullsizeoutput_1290

Perfectly cut bangs: It’s tough living the life of a wavy-haired curl with a five-finger forehead.  Bangs are a necessity so when they’re great…They. Are. Great. 

My forever #hairgoals – Dakota Johnson.(source)

Flannel shirts *see lumberjack attraction: Wearing flannel myself is cozy and cute and makes me think of cold weather, but it’s even better on a guy.  How about we go super dorky and wear matching shirts?  I’m down.Harrison Ford. Not many men can look that redneck and that HOT at the same time. jus' sayin' :D(source)

Creating something -anything, really!:  Baking, crocheting a scarf, coloring a picture, whatever. Creating makes me feel powerful.  I put something new out into the world, like this tie-dyed shirt. IMG_1200

Giggling:  It could be a friend and me laughing or just witnessing a little kid doing it!


Write a quick list for yourself.  I know you can do it!

Comment and tell me something that gets you back to happy!

~Whitney Victoria




Red, Why, and Blue.


It’s pretty much standard motivational talk these days to talk about your “why.”  In certain situations, it’s darn difficult to figure it out.  So much of our daily routine are based on things we don’t remember why we’re doing them.  You know, like how you’re on autopilot so much that you don’t remember driving to work?  There are so many of this little moments that you gloss over throughout your life and pretty soon you are in a place you don’t recognize.

It’s about living with intention when you’re aware of your purpose for going after something. By calling it a “why,” it sounds much less daunting to me.  It’s really more than that but, God, my “purpose?”  My “life’s work?” Come on, I don’t want that kind of pressure.  Who, what, where, why.  Tiny words we learn in elementary school seem easier to swallow.

When you know your “why,” you have major motivation.  It makes whatever you’re doing have an underlying boost.  I feel like it’s that little voice in the back of my mind that tells me not to give up.  It’s that voice that reminds me I’ll feel 1000% better when I get over that hill I’m hoofing up.  That voice has told me that it’s okay that I’m scared to put myself out there because I’m doing something great.  The ends justify the means.

Your “why” is basically what makes all the hard stuff, worth it.

When you know the reason you’re suffering, suddenly you can withstand more than you’ve ever realized.  This has been amazing when I’ve done physical challenges like running races but it’s another frame of mind for emotional tasks.  When I run, I’m literally crossing a finish line.  You see it in the distance after miles of effort.  Then you run under an arch with crowds of people cheering!  Of course, that “why” is easy to see.  Total fanfare.  But when it’s something I’m working on myself, it’s kind of like this , too much questioning.

My “why” has been evasive lately.  I think it’s wearing camo and hiding in the bushes of my brain, probably doing an army crawl through the mud to get away from me. Or maybe it’s right there in the sun, wearing shades, and I just need to look around and say hey.

I have oodles of pictures from Labor Day so brace yourself for a lot of tomato red.  Me in my tennis outfit, like I just came off the court.  Hey, life is a runway. (Obviously, I just sang that to the tune of “Life is a Highway”)

fullsizeoutput_1b87I needed a seat.  Just so happened the motorized dump truck looked most appealing.

img_4531.jpgThere was some impromptu street hockey so excuse the driveway and camper in the background. I got into it…my competitive spirt came out a little.  Man, I miss field hockey but can’t bring myself to be like the 35-year-old men at the gym playing dodgeball.
IMG_4529Cloey the Corgi, in the patriotic spirit.  What a trooper.  She’s a gem.

img_4522.jpg                    Manning the grill because I think watching Food Network makes me Bobby Flay.
fullsizeoutput_1b8b Final s’mores of the season!  We had square (square!) marshmallows that apparently are specifically for s’more building.  I prefer the real cylindrical ‘mallows.  They just seem right.  Plus, I like to double roast!  You know, set it on fire and then the inner part stays on the stick and then you get to roast that part?  Sitting around a fire is pure nostalgia.  It never gets old.

I like to keep my “why” in mind when I feel dead tired and want to quit but…There comes a time when you should stop asking  why why why, and just live IRL.

~Whitney Victoria


P.S. There’s a book called Find Your Why by Simon Sinek.  Guess what that’s about?  I haven’t read it but I’ve seen/listened to talks by Simon.  He’s a little cocky and wears glasses he thinks he can pull off, because he’s clearly smart…but I’m sure it’s a good read.

Look Up! Inspiration’s Everywhere


Oh wait, you mean I don’t go directly to my Instagram feed for daily inspo?  Sure, I do that, but I’m actually pretty zen (hah!) and see inspiration all around me!  It’s the tiniest things that sometimes mean the most.  Like finding a penny in the parking lot.  That penny was put there for me to find.  I truly believe that.  Maybe it’s a date of something I’m meant to remember.  Maybe the 2 seconds in which I bent down to pick it up saved me from getting in an accident.  The fact is, I totally paused, and noticed.  That penny might give me the next billion $ idea.


(Oxford English Dictionary definition…because if it’s good enough for Rory Gilmore,  it’s good enough for me.)
  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. 

  2. A person or thing that inspires.

  3. A sudden brilliant or timely idea.

  4. Divine influence, especially that supposed to have led to the writing of the Bible.

It is sooo interesting that humans naturally do not look up. I think it has something to do with us not having natural predators from the sky…I could be way off so don’t tweet that.  But anyway, start by looking up!  I’m super child-like and still think clouds are fascinating.  They change every day in shapes and sizes and colors and how much sun streams through them.  Yeah, that’s inspo free of charge, courtesy of G.O.D. (Yeah, you know me.)

Back to Insta/IG, seriously, what are the cool kids calling it?  Instagram has actually made me notice even more tiny works of art and great marketing signs all around.  When I see some amazing photo op, obviously I want to share it as much as possible, via social media!  I genuinely like to put it out there and get a person moving on that soul train.  It’s like paying it forward but with sharing kindness.  Oh god, that took a turn down Rainbows and Puppy Dogs Alley.

Unicorn Don’t Care.

I’m always looking to get into peak state.  (Shout out to Tony!  Hit the link.  More on that later.  I’m obsessed.)  I want to be excited about life and feel good about it.  It’s simple, but not easy.  I still have to choose to work on it every day.  It’s not something that comes naturally to most of us; I’ve just trained myself to look for it.

Now please, take some of my favorite ways into consideration.

  • Take a different route to work tomorrow!  No doubt you’ll see something amusing.

Today I used my GPS to go a new way to my friend’s house.  I got to drive through a scenic route that I didn’t know existed and was surrounded by gorgeous tree-lined streets.  I know, I know, I’m wonderful.  I took the road less traveled.   Please call me Whitney Frost.

  • Google inspiring movies!

I just watched The Pursuit of Happyness and now think I can be a stock broker.

  • Listen to a podcast! Hint, hint…

I’ve heard countless quotables that I write down on sticky notes.  Sometimes I throw them in my purse or stick them to the back of my phone.  I’ve even written phrases on my hand, like a high school kid, if it’s something I want to remember.

  • Make a vision board!

Flip through a magazine.  You have no idea how nerdy I am about VBs.  Just proved my point by abbreviating it to “VBs.”  I get little bursts of happiness when I cut something out for my boards.  I’d call it one of my hobbies at this point since I set aside time to sit on my bed and clip some  pics of Zac Efron and Tahiti.  Trust me. It’s a good time.  #joyjolt

Get out there. Find something that inspires you in your daily routine.  It’s there.  Stop and look around.

I dare you.