Basically as soon as I knew how to screenshot something on my iPhone I was hooked.  I began saving pics of pretty scenery, quotes I loved, outfits I wanted to emulate.  The word “muse” comes to mind but this is not the extent I want to relay.  To me, “muse” is long-term.  It’s someone who serves as constant inspiration for whatever your project maybe. These moments I compile are tiny hits of inspiration that are ever-changing and always being replaced or forgotten.  It’s the things in life that come across my path that cause me to make a certain “small” decision. It’s like this: I see a bright bunch of flowers at the farmer’s market and then choose my outfit based on that combination of vibrant orange and hot pink that I saw in those flowers.  Get it?



I am a collector of beautiful things and by “beautiful” I mean something that provokes emotion in me, just as much as something that I see as physically and aesthetically pleasing.   Pinterest and Instagram has made this possible

As we speak, I’m sitting at a Panera drinking iced coffee and I can hear one of the male cashiers tell every customer to “have a beautiful day” at the end of their order.  This is something that inspires me.   The same man let me know he loved my dress while I was getting my coffee.  Some people barely squeeze out a “thank you” or a “bye.”  I always know that I am in that specific place and time because I was meant to witness that kindness and beauty.  (Huge believer in timing right here.)

Anyway, I feel like starting a regular recap of my own inspiring moments I collected with all of you.  Thursday night seemed like a good time to do this.  Right before we head into the weekend, the last night that isn’t particularly joyful for most since we have one more day of work.  Some times I might have lots of quotes, one time I may seem to be drawn toward landscapes, and I just know that my collection will include a lot of style, fashion, and even some gorgeous people.

I’m hoping that by sharing my inspirations, you notice those moments in your own lives and let them inspire you to do something wonderful.

Beauty is all around.

I’ve started here with my Instagram picks from the last few days.


Umm, hello, I’m going here.  Something for me to reach for.


This one is all about the caption!


Every struggle is a chance to grow.


Seriously.  My astrology sign cat is Indiana.  It’s fate.


Listen to yourself.  You will hear what you want.


We can heal ourselves from within.  Oh yes.


I’m betting on myself.  How about you?


Yessssss.  No one is telling you what to do, say, think, or believe.  That’s all you.


Whitney Victoria

Whitney Lately Vol. 2

Admiring lately:IMG_8663

Lower Manhattan

This is from a recent Uber ride from Brooklyn to MSG to eat gluten free pizza and have have macaroons from the bus station. This view will be a part of my daily life.  It’s always been in me.

Crushing lately:


Tone It Up Bikini Series 

“Crushing” might be a little strong but I’m officially on the last day of the TIU Bikini Series.  I gotta say, it’s 8 weeks, but those weeks really did fly by.  There’s an app that has free daily moves every day.  Each day is dedicated to a certain body part you’re working.  You swipe through the moves and then the last screen is this one.  A little encouragement is always welcome.

Seriously check it out.  I’m a TIU girl now for the long run.

Sipping lately:

Knoebel’s Cookie Nook

All the iced coffee  

I’m loving my coffee cold even more so than usual.  It just tastes sooo good to me this time of year.  Who am I kidding?  It tastes good any time of the year but in winter my hands start to freeze if I don’t get hot drinks.  But then again, that’s what I have gloves for.

Researching lately:

photo cred 

Summer Events

On July 18 I am going to an event for the Almost 30 podcast  in NYC and I cannot wait.  I took the day off  and the next day just because I’ll get back late on a “school night.”  Even though the event only starts at 6:30 pm, I’m planning on taking some time in the city before it starts.  Right now, my schedule is wide open.  I’m a planner but I’m working on being more flexible with my schedule.  It’s actually way tougher than I thought it would be when I started to work on this trait a few months ago.  I actually feel stress when I have something “fun” planned but I don’t have an entire, completed, highly-detailed itinerary in my possession.  Anyway…I am slowly getting there and am allowing myself to enjoy some true free time.  So, for this day trip I had to at least have some things in mind.  As we speak I have a few options:

  • Catch a matinee show on Broadway (This most def. revolves around finding a good price.)
    • Currently cruising this site right here for tips and tricks – Last Minute Broadway Tickets
    • I’m dying to see Anastasia and Dear Evan Hansen (amazing music that I only know because of my Greatest Showman Pandora station)
  • Find a new cafe and people watch while I enjoy a great coffee and pastry
  • Eat at a top chef restaurant for lunch and take my time enjoying the meal
  • FINAAAALLLY go to a Soul Cycle class
    • I so want to do this eventually but my main reason for most likely striking this one from the docket is that I won’t look super cute for the Almost 30 shindig a few hours later
  • Possibly find a semi-affordable hotel for the night so I can leisurely enjoy myself without rushing home at 9pm

Watching Lately:

Imposters TV show on Bravo: ratings (cancel or season 2?)
photo cred


This was just recommended to me by a friend and I’m hooked.  A Bravo show that follows a team of con artists and the jilted marks who are trying to catch them.  I”m currently catching up on the first season on Netflix and will probably finish it in a few days.

Tonight I’m heading to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and can’t wait.  I haven’t looked at a single review because I want to just go enjoy Chris Pratt, Jeff Goldblum, and some Velociraptors.


(Pod)Casting Call

fullsizeoutput_1aceI might be late to the train but I’ve gotten super into podcasts in the last year.

Music is 100% necessary in my life so I had this notion podcast listeners were boring or had no life.  Don’t get me started on NPR…

It began innocently with one motivational video on YouTube my sister sent me.  I remember lying in bed that night listening to it over and over on my phone.  It didn’t matter what was on the screen-I think I only “watched” it twice-but I felt the phrases and music seeping into my brain as I let it all sink in.  I listened to it at least once a day for weeks.  Suddenly the words would play in my head.  Like when I’d be running on the treadmill and wanting to jump off.  I’d go to extra mile.  Literally.

Now, I know the running example is a little cliche but this started a fire in me.  Wait, what?  I could actually be learning something while I’m straightening my bangs?  Or while I’m driving? And yes, I mean learning something other than Taylor’s new lyrics.  Don’t even.  I already got “Look What You Made Me Do” down.

I noticed my favorite authors and entrepreneurs had podcasts!  So I got off my high horse and grabbed some headphones…speaking of which, I need recs for some comfy ones.  My ears deserve better.

Where to begin? For me, I need to enjoy the host.  If I don’t like your style, let’s be real, I’m probably not gonna listen.  It doesn’t matter if you’re discussing the best lines from Chris Farley or anything else I’d normally be into.

(TommyBoy is life)
Now, my favorites and what vibe you can expect…In alphabetical order, because structure makes me feel safe.

Almost 30

Lindsay Simcik-SoulCycle Instructor and actress; Krista Williams-blogger.  They tell you it’s okay to not have it all figured out. Fun, but enlightened, 20-something conversations full of self-development inspo.

Listen if: You’re in need of some girl talk and wine.

Chase Jarvis Live

He’s easy on the eyes, maybe you should watch the YouTube version, actually so you don’t miss out.  Chase is like high school homecoming king that everyone loved.  He quit med school to become a world-class photographer…I know. 

Listen if: You want to learn photog tips from the guy who’s shot Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

Earn your Happy with Lori Harder 

Lori is a former fitness competitor but she focuses on finding your passion and following your path.  I love her “quickie” episodes (“because there’s always time for inspiration!”) when I don’t have an hour to listen to a full interview.

Listen if: You need your own personal cheerleader!  

Impact Theory

The host is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu.  He’s unapologetically nerdy and obsessed with learning about the human mind.

IMG_1133 2
Yeah, I love Questbars.

Listen if: You think The Matrix holds life’s secrets. 


Marie Forleo -MarieTV

Ahh, Marie!  My multi-passionate friend. She’s a life coach who also runs a business program. She’s hilarious and dances around in costumes I want and need in my life. But she’s super savvy when it comes to being your own boss. (This is another show that’s fun to watch, not just listen!)

Listen if: You’re torn between binge-watching SNL and working on your side biz.

Oprah’s Supersoulful Conversations

Oprah sits down with top experts, like Deepak Chopra, and pretty much discusses, in-depth, “soulful” everything.  I’ve secretly listened to Alanis Morissette’s episode 3 times…

Listen if: Oprah is your spirit animal. 

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Former pro football player-turned-LinkedIn expert, Lewis is kind-hearted and easy-going.  He’s connects with everyone he speaks to and is genuinely curious about life.

Listen if: You want advice from the big brother you never had.

That’s So Retrograde 

Elizabeth Kott and Steph Simbari are chill,  funny, slightly raunchy. They talk about all things wellness, even the crazy, weird out-there stuff, like ayahuasca. 

Listen if: You’re reading your horoscope and drinking a green juice right now. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim’s wants to be a cross between Jason Bourne and Tony Robbins and he’s on his way to being just that. He’s plain smart and interviews everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jamie Foxx.  

Listen if: You’re looking for life hacks from today’s top minds.

These are just the ones I regularly listen to.  Obviously, I pick personal development over anything. There is truly something out there for whatever your fancy.  That’s the beauty of it. YOU get to choose.

Why don’t you pick one on iTunes or take my advice and fall asleep to the peaceful sound of Oprah’s soothing voice?

Let me know your top picks in the comments!

Photo on 8-29-17 at 6.26 PM #2