Wednesdays are for Wellness Snacks

I decided I needed a break from Sam and Diane and wanted to watch a movie.  Never worry, I’ll be back soon.  I thought I needed How To Be Single (It’s a real movie, not my personal handbook. 😘), but ended up grabbing Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring if you’re into it.).   Apparently I needed some Orlando Bloom in my life.  You know, back when he still did movies and didn’t just half-date Katy Perry? Plus that Shire sure is scenic. #vacaygoals

New Zealand has a lot of sheep, right?  Clearly, that’s the big selling point for me.

Um, yeah.  That happened.

Sharing some of my current healthy foods again, because I know you’re curious.  This time it’s a snack edition. What can I say?  I’m generous when sharing food finds.

Iced Americanos.

My stomach is weirdly sensitive to super hot or super cold drinks.  Drinking these iced lets me get my coffee fix without screwing up my system.  Piping hot acidic water going down first thing in the morning is not a good time!   I’m not about to give anything up when it comes to my love, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a little kinder to myself.

RX bars.

They’re like chewier Larabars and have flavors that are little more classy.  My fave is maple sea salt.  Although, I am obsessed with seasonal flavors so this Pumpkin Spice bar was delightful.  IMG_5491

Larabar Holiday Bars

Speaking of seasonal.  Look who has theirs out to buy!  I love these and ate them well into Spring last year.  There’s also a pumpkin pie one I have never tried!  A bar is my go-to afternoon snack so I really try to have one that’s minimally processed.  If you have never had a Larabar, do it.  They taste like dessert. img_5510.jpg

Mamma Chia.

I don’t think there’s any difference between organic chia seed types but I’m a sucker for great packaging. I’m using this for pumpkin chia pudding among other things like tossing some into oats or on top of a salad. “Seed Your Soul!”  Hello, it’s all about branding these days!IMG_5508

Pur Gum

I’m not usually a gum person but I had Pur gum around and have been chewing a piece after lunch.  I hate how hard it is to find gum or mints without chemicals, artificial dyes, and high fructose corn syrup.  The peppermint doesn’t last forever but it’s refreshing enough!  Sooner or later we’ll all catch on and have this sorta stuff readily available. img_5511.jpgThose are my personal weekly favorites as far as ingestibles go!

I’m honestly having fun with the TIU21 Challenge so far.  It’s been two days of tough workouts and eating on a plan but I feel like I’m on the path to good.

Any good healthy finds you care to share with me? Comment below please!

I love making a commitment to better myself.

~Whitney Victoria


Fall Challenges

I did it.  I signed up for another challenge.  I’d say it’s an addiction and it was a little bit but this one is different.  I’ve done it before and I legitimately enjoyed the process.

This is much needed.  Nothing health-related has been exciting to me for quite awhile.  I was, by no means, in tip-top shape a few months ago but I felt great about it.  Exercise 5-6 days a week had become my norm.  I consistently logged what I was eating and if I had treats, I would account for them at other meals.  This worked.  I liked it.  I felt strong and healthier.

But, then I did too much.  I did three halfs with little time in between to rest. The pendulum swung to one end a littler further than I should have let it.  Without fully realizing it, I started to rebel and didn’t want anyone (myself included) telling me what to do. After my last half marathon last October, I took time off from running.  The problem was I decided to listen to myself and figured I would know what I was ready to get back on the road.  That time never came.  I attempted to do easy workouts, like walking or the elliptical and a few weight workouts here and there.   I started sleeping in and skipping them.  I’d go a few days in a row and then decide I’d feel better with one more hour of sleep instead.  Guess what?  I rarely did.

Morning gym sessions are vital to my health success.  I’m for an evening class too but it’s so much easier to talk myself out of them or to be busy with something else.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who normally doesn’t have anything scheduled at 5am!  That time is quiet and my own to do with whatever I please.  There are only a handful of days that I felt more tired after working out in the AM.  (And that was when I’d run 6+ miles to fit into a training schedule.)

My eating went downhill with it.  It’s such a close link. When I run regularly, I naturally eat more whole foods and don’t really get cravings.  It can’t be obsessive with tracing every little thing down to the crumb, but when I reach for snacks mindlessly, I never feel full or satisfied. I’m constantly thinking I need something to fill me up.  IMG_5482

So many positives come out of sticking to healthy habits.  Mentally, I feel more awake.  Emotionally I feel great about myself, knowing what I just did before others even got out of bed. Physically I’m stronger, lighter, and more alive.

I’m worth more than the junk I’ve been feeding myself.  I’m worth more than sitting on the couch night after night.  I’m especially worth more than the excuses I’ve told myself why “tomorrow” I’ll be better.

When you take yourself out of the game for too long, your mind gives you reasons why it’s not worth it to get back out there.  It’s always worth it.

So, what am I doing about it?

My favorite girl trainers from Tone It Up have a 21 Day Fall Challenge that started today.  It’s free!  There are a few workouts that are extra and if you’re not a member you don’t see every single recipe but you can easily do the entire challenge without paying a cent. I enlisted my sister to do this with me.  I’ve actually never done any kind of workout program or training with anyone else!  I think this will help me stay accountable long enough to remember everything I love about fitness.  Muscle memory is a real thing and totally becomes a habit to get up at the crack of dawn, when it’s still dark and freezing.

Here’s the gist:

Workouts: 21 Days of workouts consisting of 21 reps/movement.  At the beginning of each week, you get the workouts you’re supposed to do for each day.  Some days there is 20-30 minutes cardio/HIIT and the your Daily Moves.

Meals: You are given 3 weeks worth of meal plans.  TIU is known for having 5 meals/day. You should limit starches after meal 3. No fried food, artificial ingredients, or added sugar.  It sounds like a lot but it’s actually pretty simple.  If you’re not feeling creative, you can follow the meal calendar to the “T,” but there are so many options you will never run out of combinations.  Meal 1 is oats, protein pancakes, eggs and veggies.  Meal 2 is usually a piece of fruit and maybe some nut butter.  Meal 3 is probably a salad but they have tons of flavor and dressing ideas that I’ve never thought of and every one I’ve made has been great.  Meal 4 is a low carb snack like a clean protein bar or hummus and carrots.  They have recipes for everything!  Peanut butter cookies, pumpkin pie overnight oats, avocado toast, etc.

My new favorite mug ($5.99 at Target) had leftover Starbucks Americano.  I made a quick  snack for meal 1.  Gluten free granola, goji berries, coconut flakes, and dates.  It was really good too.  IMG_5473There’s a free community you can connect with on Facebook, Instagram, or the TIU site.  Anyone doing the workouts and eating the same food, can “check-in” and talk to other members.  Everything i’ve experienced has been positive. I’ve never tried any sort of eating plan that had such range but was also easy and clean.  This is not an infomercial!  I’m just into it.

Today I ran 2 miles and did 3 sets of weighted exercises.  I had trail mix, eggs with veggie sausage and sweet potatoes, a protein bar, green beans with chicken, and an amazing pear and arugula salad with fish on the side.  Doesn’t that sound like a ton of food??  It was.  I wasn’t hungry at all but I wasn’t disgustingly full either.  That’s it.  I meal prepped some things and wrote down what I’m eating.  That little bit of preparation is worth everything.  I made oatmeals, washed lettuce, roasted a mixture of vegetables, and planned out my snacks.

This salad was delicious and I want to eat it all the time!IMG_5485I’m ready to have a go at a new lifestyle instead of a “challenge” with an end date.  Even though this is technically a 21 day feat, the entire premise is for life.  Periodically they do these types group challenges to kickstart your habits and/or get in touch with girls in the same mindset.  It’s not very gimmicky.  It’s more of a way of living.

By me putting it out here, I’m holding myself a little more accountable.  It was not fun knowing most of my jeans are crazy tight right now.  But, it’s a sign I need to get back to my real self.  It’s not telling me to throw in the towel!

It’s only the end of Day 1 but it honestly feels like just a simple, healthy day.  Nothing crazy but everything good.


Everyone is capable of change, no matter where they are in life.

~Whitney Victoria

Starting Over!

Good morning!

Mondays are my favorite.  I’m crazy.

The weekend was fun!  I did some new things…like making a wreath and eating gourmet tater tots.

I’ve been on a quest to be super cliche and “follow my bliss.”  I don’t think I’m alone in that it’s much harder than it sounds.  Most of us have spent our lives doing things in order to make others happy or to at least appease them.  You say or don’t say this or that because of what someone thinks.  You say “yes” to a party you desperately don’t want to go to just because you feel bad turning down the invite.  Etcetera, Etcetera…

So, I’ve tried to pause and examine “why” I’m doing what I’m doing.   Is it really going to make me happy?

Things that made me happy this weekend to follow.

My Charlotte Olympia knock-off cat flats and my pleather leggings.  😻

IMG_5426Holiday decorating!  Before: It took me 20 minutes holding up flowers and accoutrements together in AC Moore for me to pick out the supplies.  Next time I’m going for the bigger wreath.IMG_5122IMG_8530IMG_5116After!  It’s a little different for “fall” colors but that’s what I was going for.  As much as I love oranges and leaf hues, this season I was ready for something new.img_4756.jpg

Saturday was an open house at Sorrelli to meet the founder, Lisa Oswald.  The brand started in Kutztown in 1983 and is now sold internationally.  I love that she went to KU too!IMG_5431Sorrelli has a jewelry store in Kutztown that all about the glitz.  There’s a reason their instagram handle is @sorrellisparkle.  The whole store glitters and is full of pieces you want to try on and fantasize about wearing to a gala. There are cuter, more dainty collections too if you’re not all shine all the time.  Everything has a unique shape and look that just screams Sorrelli.  You can tell. img_5442.jpg

I was enamored with the jewel tone collection.  I usually don’t even like purple!  But this caught my eye and needed to come home with me.  The combination of purples and blues are magic.  Plus, I can wear each piece separately if I’m not into the matching set.img_5441.jpgThere were snacks!  Free food is always a draw for me.  I had a baby biscotti and a kir Royale…totally never new what it was until I drank it.  Now I think I love them!  It’s champagne and Chambord.  There’s something classy and magnificent about carrying around a champagne glass.  img_5444.jpgIMG_5447If you bought something at the event, you got a signed tote or jewelry role from Lisa.  Obviously, we bought things!  I’m going to use the tote, I’m over that stuff you keep somewhere, because it’s special and then never enjoy.  IMG_5445IMG_6770There just so happens to be a fabulous doughnut shop darn the block from Sorrelli.  IMG_5476IMG_5439We split two so we could both try different flavors.  They’re small but in a good way.

Blueberry Crumbcake!IMG_5477French Toast!IMG_5478Even a plain doughnut would be great because the dough is that flaky, and delightful. Mmmm.IMG_5479

I enjoyed some interesting “tater tots” with crab salad on top here. Hmm, would I order them again?  Possibly.  IMG_5450Sunday morning meal planning at Giant before shopping!  I had an Americano and tiny hits of gluten for breakfast.  Two French Toast Bantam bagels.  They were delicious.  If you look closely, you can see they’re about the size of a golf ball and are closed bagels filled with cream cheese.  It’s a pretty genius idea.  I had no clue they were actually backed by Shark Tank investors!IMG_5462Sunday night meditations.  I mentally prepped for getting back to my healthy status. It’s long overdue and I can trace it back to around January when I stopped being motivated to my natural level.

This candle smells heavenly.IMG_4486Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Follow your happiness.

Do something that excites you today!

~Whitney Victoria


There are seasons to everything.  The weather, sports, but especially life.

I think of it as a fad or a trend.  You know when you’re really into that binge-worthy show?  You watch it every night until you’ve finished the entire series.  Now what?  Oh right, you move on.  You find a new show.  Or maybe you start a blog ( wink, wink) and that becomes your current obsession.   It might be trendy in Whitney World to

It’s okay to move on.  There is no one telling you it’s do or die if you quit something.  Well, maybe there is someone telling you you’re lazy or unmotivated but I’m here to tell you there’s a difference between letting something go and giving up right before the finish line.

Just in the fitness realm there have been so many seasons.  I’ve had seasons of running, seasons of lifting weights, seasons of Insanity.  (The Beachbody program, not my mental status…debatable.)


Then there’s food.  I pride myself on enjoying healthy food.  I like learning about it too.  It’s a real hobby of mine and has been since high school.

The point is, sometimes you need to give it up to know it’s something important to you.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

There have been hobbies I stopped and I’ve never felt the urge to go back to, ever.  Like making gimp keychains…what, like my 12-year-old crafts don’t count?  Other things, like running, I end up missing eventually.  I find myself longing to feel winded and sweaty and alive!

I used to get mad at myself when I lost interest in something I deemed as “good.”  Something like sticking to a specific workout program.  Now I’ve realized it means I’ve outgrown it.

Sometimes you are in your winter, and feel like sitting under a fuzzy blanket, warm tea in hand, while you watch rom coms every weekend.  I can feel myself when I’m in my lively season.  I sign up for everything.  Being around people makes me happy.  I wake up every morning and can’t wait to see what’s going to happen!

Wherever I am at the moment is where I’m supposed to rest at the moment.  Like in the big hair and big sunglasses zone.

It’s OKAY.

Tomorrow I might be into the round John Lennon’s.  No judgment here.

~Whitney Victoria


Tigers Eye Tuesdays

It’s okay.  I ran today.  That’s what I need to share with you guys.  It’s tough to convince yourself after weeks (possibly months…whoops!) of not running that it’s a good idea again.  I had this moment sitting at my desk that I just knew I needed to get outside. My gear was in my car so I headed to my first choice trail.  I always carry pepper spray on the paths and don’t wear headphones.  I have more control over my thoughts without music blaring in my ears and I like to be aware of my surroundings.  It was just 2 miles but I felt alive and accomplished afterward.  Something that helps me with motivation and protection on a regular basis is tigers eye.  So….IMG_5389.JPG

I’m back with some crystal clarity.

Tigers Eye has been one of my faves when I was little and had a rock collection.  There are a few types but I’m mostly referring to the most common today Golden Tigers Eye.   It’s goldish brown and has a stripe running through it that looks like the “eye of the tiger.”  It’s mystical.  That stripe seems to move with the light.

I wear this bracelet probably 5-7 days a week.  My mom made if for me and I love the energy infused in it.  It’s a little reminder I’m strong and protected everytime I see or feel it.fullsizeoutput_1da7I thought it was a good choice to highlight this stone in October because this month is about stepping into your greatness and getting clear on your true desires.

Tigers Eye

Quick Stats:

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological association: Capricorn
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus
  • Message: Embrace your personal power
  • Properties:
    • Good luck
    • Protection
    • Clarity and inner focus
    • Courage and determination
    • Prosperity

I love this description.  I want to be a Radiant Warrior.

Lori A Andrus | Step into your sacred Path

Here’s more insight from Energy Muse.

Use Tiger’s Eye healing properties to focus on your prey, form your strategy of attack, and wait for the perfect moment to pounce. Tigers might be the largest feline in the world, but they still allow lions to be kings of the jungle. Channeling a powerful medicine, Tiger’s Eye crystal healing properties teaches us to live with integrity by encouraging the balance of power. Instead of competing with others to stay on top, Tiger’s Eye allows us to climb that career mountain and aim for the stars on our own terms.

This stone is straight up fierce and I need a little of that in my life.  I didn’t realize until doing some research for this post how closely the stone’s name is tied to the animal.  I have gained an even greater appreciation for it now.  Tigers are so mysterious and beautiful, stalking their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.  They’re rare and terrifying and captivating.  Now, you don’t have to “believe” in crystal healing to get something out if this. Maybe you want some new style ideas.  I picked a few tigers eye pieces that inspire me.

Layered necklacep294117_2
Pendulum necklace


Bomber Jacket fullsizeoutput_1da1

Be fierce and stand in your power.

~Whitney Victoria

Fall Reminders for the Weekend

Friday, everyone!  I don’t have many words and think it’s best to leave you with some reminders to carry you into Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy the cooler weather.  Notice the leaves changing color and falling around you. Drink hot chocolate.  Wear a plaid scarf.  It’s beautiful out there, no matter where you are.

No one ever has much trouble describing their kid’s latest tantrum, the terrible movie they watched last night or why we should

anonymous quotesource
Crisp air, comfy sweaters, and cuddling. Hello fall. ❤ source

Fall Quotes || Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."


Letterboard inspiration | See this Instagram photo by @letterfolkco • 5,612 likes

Truth, right?  Haha!


Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season.
I believe that God brings us to new seasons, where it is His desire to draw us close to Him- with no distractions, a time of sitting at His feet, where we grasp of the depth of His love, where we...


What are your favorite fall activities?  I’d love to hear your traditions!

~Whitney Victoria

Make it Happen: New Moon Manifesting

My morning mental capacity was used up by brainstorming Halloween costumers.  It’s not my absolute favorite holiday but it’s a chance to dress up that I refuse to miss.  I love when I have multiple plans so I can have two costumes, tailored to the event…  I have no shame in looking cute and not 100% authentic. I’m so torn between one that’s probably going to be on every other little girl and college coed, and another character that no one will get.  Who knows what I’ll end up wearing!

On to more timely things…

September 19 “the new moon will arrive in Virgo, 27 degrees. All new moons open a portal of energy in which you have two weeks to take action.” (AstrologyZone)

I’m in manifesting mode tonight!  Virgo is about healing the mind, body and soul.  Being kind to ourselves and knowing we have the answers if we listen to ourselves is power.  (Intuitive Astrology)IMG_7884

It’s appropriate that I pulled the Ace of Swords from Rock Star Crystals in NYC.  This card is about mental clarity.  Exactly what I’ll need for this week. It also stands for courage.  In short, this is the meaning: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”  Aces trump all other cards in a reading, giving it a positive vibe.

Last new moon I went to a meditation and wrote down some intentions before we meditated.  It was around 10am but it actually doesn’t matter since the moon’s energy is there regardless of day or night. Then we went to brunch and discussed our individual experiences.  That’s my kind of a day date.

“Happily, the perfect new moon will arrive in Virgo on September 19, and all the little planets will be there to greet the magnificent moon and her partner, the Sun. This new moon will unlock your luck being brought from the five heavenly bodies clustered there. The moves you make quickly, in the ten days following that new moon, will color the six months to follow.”

“A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. The new moon on September 20 is the first new moon since the total solar eclipse on August 21. Eclipses mark the beginning of a six-month phase with certain goals or aims.  Each new moon within the eclipse cycle represents a new stage of development of your long-term goals.”

You can be an over-achiever and do an entire ritual if you please.  Try this.  Or, you can just jot down some dreams you wish to create.  The moon’s working OT for you so you don’t have to go to a ton of trouble!

This is one of the best descriptions I’ve read describing the difference between the New Moon and the Full Moon.  “The new Moon has a more inward feel, has a void or empty quality, and therefore can be frightening to those not comfortable with uncertainty. Can you learn to trust the dark? It’s the moment when the old passes away and the new is not yet here. That’s why it’s a powerful time for sending out your prayer, wishes, desires to the Universe.” – source

**I had to share this great article on smudging and using sage that I found today from Spiritual Gangster’s blog.



Happy Manifesting!

~Whitney Victoria



Broadway Baby

It’s funny how it’s just getting into peak Oatmeal Season and i’m over it.  Of course, that’s a thing I just made up but you know what I mean.  It’s fall and winter when you traditionally think about eating warm oatmeal that’s hearty and comforting.  If you’re anything like my family, growing up, we would have the instant packs of Quaker oats in maple brown sugar.  If I was really lucky, I’d get the dinosaur kind with dino eggs that dissolved in the hot water.  Man, I loved those.  That was the best because I’m pretty sure the flavor was brown sugar anyway!  So I got the brown sugar plus the amazing hatching eggs.  What a joy.  I always say I have food tastes at both ends of the spectrum;  I’m either all about clean eating or I have some kids’ food with tons of colored dyes and eight forms of sugar.  You know, the ones that list corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, pure cane sugar, natural sweetener, etc. all as separate ingredients high on the list.  I don’t have that stuff often at all but it does make me happy to enjoy once in awhile.

After all, you are talking to the girl who regularly lists rainbow sprinkles as her favorite food.

BAYSIDE CANDY RAINBOW SPRINKLES, 1LB I’d apologize for the oatmeal soliloquy but I quite enjoyed it.  The show must go on!

After years of just walking by, I finally made it to Broadway.  It was something that was always put off because there wasn’t the right musical or the price was too high or it was sold-out, whatever.  Then in March of this year I saw a headline that Bette Midler was going to be the lead in Hello Dolly! and it all seemed to fit.

Started out at the bus station with a massive coffee. IMG_7843

On the way home, we had time to kill in Port Authority…


IMG_7966We had brunch at Friedman’s and it was delicious.  I love doing research to find good food.  I was searching for a place with good reviews and gluten-free brunch which is no small feat, even in NYC. Friedman’s fit the bill!


I shared a peach Bellini because it was necessary.  What’s brunch without it?


I had an egg white omelette with herbed fries and toast.  The toast came with rich raspberry butter that I could eat a tub full!

We hit a crystal shop a few blocks away because we had some time between our meal and the show!  More on that this week!

Hello Dolly! has two shows on Saturdays so we hit the matinee since we would be there for only one day.  It was actually stressful when I bought the tickets to make sure I got a performance with Bette.  Another actress (who’ve I heard is amazing too!) splits it with her and the times/dates were so random it was difficult to figure out.  I even checked last week to make sure but there wasn’t anything I could do about it by then anyway.  David Hyde Pierce (you know, Niles from Frasier?) was Horace Vandergelder.  He was a treat.


We waited in line for a few minutes while the doors opened but that gave us time for prime photo ops!




Shubert Theatre was beautiful inside too.  The history that went down there…!


The energy from the audience was so unexpected!  I never thought the crowd would be that into the show.  I cried 3 times…during songs and when the audience would clap as Bette came on stage.  Beautiful moments like those make me tear up more than sad news so I shouldn’t be too surprised but this was spectacular.  I actually forgot how much this musical is about appreciating the little things and looking for signs.  The costumes, the sets, the music.  It was magical.  I’m going back at least yearly to see other shows because I just have to.  Anastasia is on right now and that could be a contender.  I had the soundtrack on cassette tape and now every song!

Our playbills even came with a postcard!  I do love a free gift.  #humblebrag


I’m officially obsessed with Broadway and can’t believe it’s taken me 28 years to get there.  It was worth it.


“Isn’t the world full of wonderful things!?”


Monday Mantras

IMG_4648It’s the start of a new week.  You’ve had an amazing weekend and don’t want it to end.  Or maybe your Sunday was stressful and you just need one more day to recharge.  Maybe, if you’re like me, (not all the time, trust me.) you meal prepped, wrote out a weekly goal list, meditated, and feel ready to jump into the week headfirst. Whatever the case, everyone can use some motivation on a Monday.  I like mantras because they don’t need to be complex to be effective.  Usually, I prefer general words for my mantras. (You could also consider them affirmations.) They fit in any situation.

What’s the point? A mantra is “an instrument for thinking,” as according to the article “The Magic of Mantras” in Runner’s World. They “focus the mind for meditation” and result in fulfilling a goal by staying fixated on it until completion.

Mantras are very trendy right now but think about it, they’ve been around for thousands of years for good reason.  They work.  You can repeat your chosen phrase wherever, whenever.  A mantra is free! No strings attached.  No hidden fees. No equipment required.

I think my car is mantra-powered.  Any time I’m driving I end up visualizing and only thinking about positive thoughts.  I, semi-unwittingly, made my car a place of positivity.  It started with driving to the gym at 4:55 every morning when I’d have no music playing, just me driving in silence with my thoughts in the dark.  I would think about my upcoming day and all I wanted it to bring me.  It was too early to start worrying and my brain was a little too sleepy to think of anything other than happy thoughts.  Yes!  I would  have an amazing workout!  Yes! I would have an amazing hair day!  Yes!  I would find a $20 in the parking lot!  All those things came so easily to myself when driving that it is almost second nature now to have some of the most positive, insightful soul conversations that I’ve ever had.  With no traffic blocking the freeway, my mind is an open road after a long trip.

Anyway, I love mantras.  You could repeat “I am strong” when you’re taking a hard workout class.  Or, you might need to tell yourself “breathe” after a fight.  Perhaps you chant “B 6” during a spirited bingo game!  Whatever the case, you probably already use mantras in your daily life but, I believe, that once you recognize the power in a practice, the power increases.  Pick a mantra for a specific task and try it out!

A few Monday Motivational Mantras I love:





What did the Little Engine That Could repeat all the way up the hill?  “I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.”

I knew he could!

~Whitney Victoria

Decision Fatigue

Everywhere you go you have a list of options.  Usually a literal list is provided and suddenly you’re frozen, stuck in a bubble of indecision. Here’s the gist: We only have a certain amount of decision every day.   I head about decision fatigue for quite some time.  I was skeptical even though my “friends” have discussed the topic.  By friends, I mean the clever people like Marie Forleo.  Watch this great video on “Decision Detox.”  You spend your time standing in line at Starbucks deciding between the cappuccino, the frappucino, or the double-shot sugar-free vanilla latte, hold the whip…well, you might not have the brain power later to make a major decision at work.

Case in point.  Today I knew I wanted a pumpkin scone and an Americano from Starbucks.   I knew that me eating a scone was more important than not having gluten and sugar for breakfast.  I removed that indecision and stress I may have had while staring at the all the pumpkin pastries sitting there in their glory.

Willpower is directly related to decision fatigue and might make you feel better about yourself!  Some friends I know think they have low willpower and feel like sticking with a healthy new habit is impossible.  Perhaps, they are focusing on the other choices that aren’t as important so when it come to eating a clean meal, they are mentally tired.

Now, I happen to love standing in from of my closet, asking for it to love me.  A dress sometimes speaks to me and tells me it’s her turn to be worn.  Then my boots scream, “hey, pick me!  We look great together!”  And then a family member calls in a 5150

It’s why designers wear all black when they create amazingly colorful, unique collections every few months.  I’ve watched Project Runway for years and every episode Michael Kors judged he wore the exact same outfit.  Black turtleneck, black pants, sometimes a black blazer.  He’s looked exactly the same all these years but continues to be known as one of the top designers every year, producing innovative work that keeps the style world on its toes.

Steve Jobs!  He was no Kors when it came to fashion but he clearly had a creative mind that had no time deciding between the pleated khakis or the jeans.  Mark Zuckerberg wears his zip-up hoodies most days too.   They’ve decided it’s more important focusing on their business than their wardrobe.  They’ve all got it down.

So, what do you do?  How do we overcome the stress of all these CHOICES?


(Kris Carr)

Meal prep! This is huge.  Do it on a Sunday.  Get some matching glass containers and portion out meals and snacks for the week.

Have your important decisions early in the day.  By the time 5pm rolls around, you can just cruise and eat one of your pre-made healthy meals.

Create a daily morning routine.  When you know you wake up, work out, drink a green smoothie, and write down a daily to-do list all before 8am, you take away the struggle to hitting snooze or get up.

Make commitments instead of decisions. This means you have a plan.  There is no wish-washy questions.

“There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.”

– Ronald Reagan

~Whitney Victoria