5 Reasons to Thrift shop:

Just a few outfits made of my thrift store finds!

Do you thrift shop? I’m obsessed with it. It’s like the best fashion treasure hunt to me. I come home with my loot feeling accomplished. I love surprises so I usually in blind and see what the racks hold for me. I know some of you might be new to second-hand shopping or maybe you aren’t really sure you can find anything so I wanted to give you five reasons to thrift shop.

  1. Score fashion finds for super affordable prices!
    • This one is probably obvious but it’s one of the best reasons. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve walked out with multiple overflowing bags of clothes, accessories, and shoes for under $100. I usually go for a big shopping spree once every season where I scour each rack and go home with enough pieces to completely overhaul my closet.
    • I find the cheapest prices at Goodwill and Salvation Army but definitely check out consignment and vintage stores in your area to support local businesses!
    • Don’t forget about online consignment and resale sites like Poshmark, Mercari, etc. (These take a little more effort to get an amazing deal. I think I’ll write a whole post of this!)
  2. You’re saving the environment one vintage dress at a time.
    • It’s becoming more popular to look into where your clothing comes from. There are some great brands out there that use recycled materials (Girlfriend Collective workout wear is great). Some also let your trade in your jeans, etc when you buy a new pair like Madewell and Patagonia.
    • But honestly, doing your research can be a little daunting. When you shop at a thrift store or resale site, you automatically know you’re helping create less pollution and less trash in landfills!
  3. You’re forced to get creative with your wardrobe.
    • I like to go into a store with a general idea of what I’m looking for but stay open to surprises. For example, I might want to find a spring skirt. I won’t be attached to a color or style because every store and every visit is different! I always seem to find a version of what I wanted. Then when I get home, I shop my closet to create the perfect outfit.
  4. Try out a style outside of your comfort zone with little risk.
    • Do you know how fun it is to pick up a crazy ’90s sweater and realize you love it? I really enjoy taking a chance on something a little weird that I would normally not buy full price or brand new. I recently bought some bright camo pants! Not exactly my style but I’m excited to take them for a spin.
  5. Find unique pieces that no one else will have!
    • This is my personal favorite reason to thrift shop! I’ve always been a little annoyed when someone has a shirt or dress that I do because style should be individual. I’m not saying you can’t take inspiration from a celebrity or movie character (I do all the time) but there’s something special about creating an ensemble that expresses your personality. Thrift shops have anywhere from vintage to brand new with tags still on. Pieces from stores you’ve never heard of, handmade items, parts of old costumes, whatever you can think of I’ve probably seen! You can almost guarantee that your “new” purchases won’t also be worn by your neighbor, a co-worker, or a stranger in the grocery store.

Just a few reasons to try out thrift shopping! I hope you give it a shot!


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