What’s Your Motivation?

Today I got to thinking about motivation.  It’s billed as this thing you either have or you don’t. He’s a motivated person.  Oh, she’s so driven.

We think to ourselves, “why am I so lazy?” Aka: “why do I have no motivation to do this specific thing I think I should be doing?”

I think we can only have motivation for things we truly want to do. Yes, I know, what does this mean for things  we don’t love, like going to work for some people or exercising?  I’ve been thinking about that too. I think when the money/health benefits/paid vacay days add up to something you appreciate having, the job or workout still motivates you to go and at least do the minimum you need to do to stay in good shape.

Everything we do has a motivator, a reason why we do it. Sometimes that motivator is fun, or pain, or free food.  Who knows?  It’s always something unique to the situation but it’s always there.

Ever since I became acutely aware of this, I’d say maybe 5 years ago, I try my best to not be led by fear or anger or sadness.  No negative emotion, really.  Unless I’m being chased by a bear or something.  Obvi, not life and death situations, people.

It brings to mind the Nelson Mandela quote,

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

That’s it.

I want to go toward something exciting.  I do not want to run away because fear is my driving force. I don’t want to be motivated to prove someone wrong. I especially do not want to stay small and quiet because I’m afraid.

I know this is not a new concept, but that doesn’t mean it’s something most of us follow.  This is easy to And in this beautiful but brash world we live in, it’s definitely not easy.

All we can do is be conscious of our actions, and, ultimately, what motivates us.

Our thoughts become things. Maybe not always physical things but they sure do manifest into emotions that directly affect our daily lives. I do not want to be made up of fear or scarcity or anger.

I have no new perspective for you. I’m just saying it because it should be said. Notice your thoughts. Notice what drives you. Even if one person follows their positive instincts for one day, it’s made a difference.


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