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I hit up my favorite health food store today because I was craving a diet Coke and really did not want the chemicals.  It gives me an instant headache with the aspartame!  But, I was so sick of lemon water and I wanted something sweet.  I knew I needed some Zevia.  it’s an amazing all natural soda sweetened with stevia and I swear it tastes so similar to regular soda that I like it better taste wise.  My favorite is Dr. Zevia, the Dr. Pepper version. Mmmm, they have every kind now like orange, citrus, cola, grape, root beer, ginger ale!

Of course I couldn’t leave with just a 95 cent can of soda so I wandered out, paper bag in hand (I was disappointed in myself for not bringing a canvas tote like a good little wellness hipster would), filled with some products that I’m ready to try!

Coconut butter.  It’s also sometimes referred to as “coconut manna.” Manna meaning miracle food.  Maybe not quite miraculous but it is pretty good.  I’ve had it before but not this brand.  I’m excited to try it because the other kinds I’ve had were not very smooth.  What do you do with it?  Well, I do a lot!  It’s just like coconut oil in that it hardens when cold so I’ve drizzled it on frozen blueberries or orange slices.  Try it on a piece of dark chocolate for a seriously rich dessert or use it in the place of wherever you use nut butter.  It melts in your mouth!  A lot of paleo recipes like this one use coconut butter too these days.


Reishi Detox tea.  Reishi is the new cacao.  It’s about to be everywhere, mark my words.  This tea jumped out at me on the shelf so into my cart it went!  I felt like tea would be a more subtle way to try out the Reishi.  This has dandelion root (a common herb in detox teas that aids the liver in eliminating toxins), cinnamon bark, carob, etc.  According to Wellness Teas, Reishi is known as the mushroom of immortality, supports healthy immunity, and delivers antioxidants to boost your body’s natural defenses.” Reishi also offers cardiovascular system and brain/mood support, as well as natural energy support.

The tea is “a spice-kissed, velvety brew”  Boy, do I love good copy!  That description is quite cheeky.  Who doesn’t want a velvety brew??  It’s worth a shot, right?IMG_5050

Know Brainer coffee creamer: I can honestly say I’ve never seen this product before!  It’s hard to show me something new when I read natural health magazines in my down time…This is a coffee creamer that is capitalizing on the huge ketogenic/Bulletproof coffee boom.  I tried blending coconut oil in my coffee probably 3 years ago now, and every time it would be like an oil slick on the top no matter how hard my Magic Bullet tried.  Plus, it was supposed to keep me full for hours….it made no difference at all in my ravenous appetite.  I’m totally open to trying it again.  Maybe I missed something…?

This product has me optimistic!  Also dairy-free, it’s called “The Thinker’s Creamer” for gosh sake.  It does have 200 calories so it’s not like you’re adding a dash of splenda, but the point is to get your healthy fats in your brain in the morning.  I’ll report back!IMG_5046

Last things!

Aidell’s Chicken Meatballs: I adore the chicken sausage from Aidell’s already, but never felt the meatball call….hah!  Caramelized onion seemed like the right flavor to tempt me.  This brand is gluten-free, nitrite-free, uses all natural ingredients, and tastes great in place of beef.  They are fully-cooked already so you just have to heat them up!  I usually throw them in the oven to brown them (375 degrees).  I prefer one step up from burnt…I also baked them on a tray with grape tomatoes and sliced onions for a veggie side.  Roasting brings out the sweetness in some vegetable like these.  I could eat trays full of it.  (The cute little tomahtoes are from Giant.) img_5045.jpg

Since we’re on the vegetable train, for supper tonight I roasted cauliflower and asparagus with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.  It’s addicting!IMG_5063

P.S. I’m prepping a “conventional” recipe day tomorrow for a work thing. Sometimes it’s totally understandable baking with butter and sugar!  Balance, balance, balance.  After all, we can’t deny Ina’s genius.   Stay tuned for a Barefoot Contessa Chocolate Chunk Blondie bonanza.


Anyone try any wellness product lately?  I’d love to hear about something new!

~Whitney Victoria

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