Gratitude + Good Food

I’ve been online window shopping all day, staring at velvet and berets and OTK boots, dreaming of my fall wardrobe.  Hot tip: add items to your virtual shopping carts and then just leave them there.  It’s a little thrill every time I hit “add to cart” and I almost never actually buy anything. Or If I do, it’s whittled down to like 75% less than what I started with.  It’s like some kind of reverse shopping psychology that helps me spend less.

IMG_0541Today is World Gratitude Day.  I like to think I’m pretty great at showing my gratitude.  Writing thank yous is actually fun for me!  Well, it’s mostly because I get to use cute stationery…Speaking of which, Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes skit makes me pretty happy.  I’m sharing my favorite things of the week because we can all stand to do a little more appreciating!  It’s a lot of food but as a “foodie,” (Let’s brainstorm a new word together.  “Foodie” is working on my nerves.) I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m so excited for delectable delights.

The amazing California Crab cake salad from Sweet Street.  Smooth avocado, crunchy bacon, tart lemon vinaigrette.  Mmmm…it was inhaled along with an un-photographed peanut butter pie chaser.


My Hello, Dolly! tote.  It’s sturdy, cute, and has some serious positive vibes happening.  I like to pretend I’ll be using it at the grocery store and someone will read it and it will brighten their day.  IMG_4852

Benchwarmers doughnuts.  Pumpkin was a must to try and the Americano was the best companion.  Everything is made-to-order, including the pour over espresso drinks.


It’s called “You’re Killing Me Smalls” and is s’mores flavored, obviously. Another flavor I picked up for a friend that I need to try!  Any place that references The Sandlot makes me a fan for life.  Remember Benny “the Jet” Rodriquez = 😍 I got the same feeling looking at this doughnut. img_4877.jpg

This adorable fox art I saw at Ross.  The fox is my spirit animal and I can’t believe I resisted this tiny, scampering hipster.  He should be furnishing my study.img_4836.jpg

I bought this chocolate because I had a coupon…I’m always on the lookout for a bargain…but I would gladly buy this full price because it was pretty wonderful. The perfect amount of salt mixed in with little caramel bits strewn about in dark chocolate.  img_4826.jpg

Organic Honeycrisp apples as big as my head.  I swear it’s bigger than a cantaloupe.  Maybe not that large, but I could easily use it in a pick-up softball game and no one would know the difference.img_4833.jpg

Along with the Sasquatchian apple, I’ve been putting this blueberry honey in my oatmeal.  I bought it in Bar Harbor, ME (the blueberry capital!) like 3 years ago and never opened it until a few days ago. Once I heard honey is the only food that never spoils, it changed my world.  I was in no rush, but I’m glad it’s time has come because it’s such a fun sweetener.img_4830.jpg

Kitchen Shears! I’m fancy and make chopped salads now.  I swear I eat twice as many greens now that I cut it up.  It’s funny how much more enjoyable it is to eat.  This was a little tweak I stole from the TIU girls again.  *Tip: don’t cut your lettuce until a few hours before you’re eating it.  It will wilt much quicker after it’s chopped.


Last thing!  I’m sharing a super simple but tasty salad dressing recipe.  While attempting to use up the crazy things in my pantry, I re-discovered some things.

Sesame Dressing:

Makes 1 Serving

1 Tbsp sesame oil

1 shake kelp flakes

1 tsp tamari

1 tsp sesame seeds

This gives my salads an Asian flavor while delivering some health benefits: bonus! kelp is an excellent source of iodine that helps regulate thyroid levels.

Unrelated but….

*Did you know turmeric doesn’t give you it’s full benefits unless you consume it with a healthy fat?  It has nothing to adhere to and is not fully absorbed!*

Have a happy Friday!

What are you appreciative of this week?  Let me know!

~Whitney Victoria

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  1. I’ve been trying to be more mindful so I’ve started to notice things that were always there, but I just never really “saw” them before. I’m grateful for natures beauty and all of God’s gifts.

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