…Ready for It?

I love being excited about things.  I like that feeling of butterflies that builds up inside me when I’m anticipating.  Something I don’t like is when I’m wishing my days away.  Like waiting for Friday.  Or until work is over.  Or next month, next year even.  It’s an epidemic in our country to think everything will be better “later.”  Newsflash: later isn’t a real thing.  It’s not a time or date.  It literally never happens.IMG_4754

We went to see It.  I read the book years ago and it’s scared me ever since.  I’ve remembered phrases that still take me back to the specific passage.  Stephen King is really an amazing writer that some people dismiss because of his genre.  The way he writes about human emotions and develops a character has led me to read several of his books and short stories.  Yes, they might be “horrors” but what I remember is the depth of psychological thriller.


More things I’m loving right now:  Kambaba Jasper.  I have a heart-shaped one that I’ve been carrying lately.  It’s fascinating why and when we choose certain crystals.  I usually don’t pick one based on anything other than intuition.  Sometimes I’m surprised myself.

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God, I’m so obsessed with Taylor’s new songs.  Especially, “…Ready For It.”.  It’s so good.  Say what you want.  It’s genius and on repeat.

A new Fall sign, courtesy of my mom, and the rest of my bookshelf.


Off to Broadway!  Manhattan is my happy place.  Hello Dolly! is in the Shubert Theatre, which of course I researched.  It opened in 1913 and I’ve been getting excited thinking of all the movie stars who have either acted on stage or seen shows there.


I’ll keep you posted and would be disappointed with myself if I didn’t have tons of pics to share.  We’ve been planning a trip to Broadway forever and it just didn’t happen.  Way back in March I just did it because…

Later never comes.  Someday doesn’t exist.  We have to do it now.

~Whitney Victoria

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