Decision Fatigue

Everywhere you go you have a list of options.  Usually a literal list is provided and suddenly you’re frozen, stuck in a bubble of indecision. Here’s the gist: We only have a certain amount of decision every day.   I head about decision fatigue for quite some time.  I was skeptical even though my “friends” have discussed the topic.  By friends, I mean the clever people like Marie Forleo.  Watch this great video on “Decision Detox.”  You spend your time standing in line at Starbucks deciding between the cappuccino, the frappucino, or the double-shot sugar-free vanilla latte, hold the whip…well, you might not have the brain power later to make a major decision at work.

Case in point.  Today I knew I wanted a pumpkin scone and an Americano from Starbucks.   I knew that me eating a scone was more important than not having gluten and sugar for breakfast.  I removed that indecision and stress I may have had while staring at the all the pumpkin pastries sitting there in their glory.

Willpower is directly related to decision fatigue and might make you feel better about yourself!  Some friends I know think they have low willpower and feel like sticking with a healthy new habit is impossible.  Perhaps, they are focusing on the other choices that aren’t as important so when it come to eating a clean meal, they are mentally tired.

Now, I happen to love standing in from of my closet, asking for it to love me.  A dress sometimes speaks to me and tells me it’s her turn to be worn.  Then my boots scream, “hey, pick me!  We look great together!”  And then a family member calls in a 5150

It’s why designers wear all black when they create amazingly colorful, unique collections every few months.  I’ve watched Project Runway for years and every episode Michael Kors judged he wore the exact same outfit.  Black turtleneck, black pants, sometimes a black blazer.  He’s looked exactly the same all these years but continues to be known as one of the top designers every year, producing innovative work that keeps the style world on its toes.

Steve Jobs!  He was no Kors when it came to fashion but he clearly had a creative mind that had no time deciding between the pleated khakis or the jeans.  Mark Zuckerberg wears his zip-up hoodies most days too.   They’ve decided it’s more important focusing on their business than their wardrobe.  They’ve all got it down.

So, what do you do?  How do we overcome the stress of all these CHOICES?


(Kris Carr)

Meal prep! This is huge.  Do it on a Sunday.  Get some matching glass containers and portion out meals and snacks for the week.

Have your important decisions early in the day.  By the time 5pm rolls around, you can just cruise and eat one of your pre-made healthy meals.

Create a daily morning routine.  When you know you wake up, work out, drink a green smoothie, and write down a daily to-do list all before 8am, you take away the struggle to hitting snooze or get up.

Make commitments instead of decisions. This means you have a plan.  There is no wish-washy questions.

“There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.”

– Ronald Reagan

~Whitney Victoria


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