Red, Why, and Blue.


It’s pretty much standard motivational talk these days to talk about your “why.”  In certain situations, it’s darn difficult to figure it out.  So much of our daily routine are based on things we don’t remember why we’re doing them.  You know, like how you’re on autopilot so much that you don’t remember driving to work?  There are so many of this little moments that you gloss over throughout your life and pretty soon you are in a place you don’t recognize.

It’s about living with intention when you’re aware of your purpose for going after something. By calling it a “why,” it sounds much less daunting to me.  It’s really more than that but, God, my “purpose?”  My “life’s work?” Come on, I don’t want that kind of pressure.  Who, what, where, why.  Tiny words we learn in elementary school seem easier to swallow.

When you know your “why,” you have major motivation.  It makes whatever you’re doing have an underlying boost.  I feel like it’s that little voice in the back of my mind that tells me not to give up.  It’s that voice that reminds me I’ll feel 1000% better when I get over that hill I’m hoofing up.  That voice has told me that it’s okay that I’m scared to put myself out there because I’m doing something great.  The ends justify the means.

Your “why” is basically what makes all the hard stuff, worth it.

When you know the reason you’re suffering, suddenly you can withstand more than you’ve ever realized.  This has been amazing when I’ve done physical challenges like running races but it’s another frame of mind for emotional tasks.  When I run, I’m literally crossing a finish line.  You see it in the distance after miles of effort.  Then you run under an arch with crowds of people cheering!  Of course, that “why” is easy to see.  Total fanfare.  But when it’s something I’m working on myself, it’s kind of like this , too much questioning.

My “why” has been evasive lately.  I think it’s wearing camo and hiding in the bushes of my brain, probably doing an army crawl through the mud to get away from me. Or maybe it’s right there in the sun, wearing shades, and I just need to look around and say hey.

I have oodles of pictures from Labor Day so brace yourself for a lot of tomato red.  Me in my tennis outfit, like I just came off the court.  Hey, life is a runway. (Obviously, I just sang that to the tune of “Life is a Highway”)

fullsizeoutput_1b87I needed a seat.  Just so happened the motorized dump truck looked most appealing.

img_4531.jpgThere was some impromptu street hockey so excuse the driveway and camper in the background. I got into it…my competitive spirt came out a little.  Man, I miss field hockey but can’t bring myself to be like the 35-year-old men at the gym playing dodgeball.
IMG_4529Cloey the Corgi, in the patriotic spirit.  What a trooper.  She’s a gem.

img_4522.jpg                    Manning the grill because I think watching Food Network makes me Bobby Flay.
fullsizeoutput_1b8b Final s’mores of the season!  We had square (square!) marshmallows that apparently are specifically for s’more building.  I prefer the real cylindrical ‘mallows.  They just seem right.  Plus, I like to double roast!  You know, set it on fire and then the inner part stays on the stick and then you get to roast that part?  Sitting around a fire is pure nostalgia.  It never gets old.

I like to keep my “why” in mind when I feel dead tired and want to quit but…There comes a time when you should stop asking  why why why, and just live IRL.

~Whitney Victoria


P.S. There’s a book called Find Your Why by Simon Sinek.  Guess what that’s about?  I haven’t read it but I’ve seen/listened to talks by Simon.  He’s a little cocky and wears glasses he thinks he can pull off, because he’s clearly smart…but I’m sure it’s a good read.

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