Letting Go of What You Don’t Need

I’m not sure if you know this, but every month you get a chance to release all the crap you don’t need.  Thank god, because I know I always have something that doesn’t serve me anymore.  It’s the time of releasing and receiving. (!) Let rubbish out, let greatness in.

This is only true if you believe in spiritual things like I do.  Well, it’s probably “true” even if you think I”m crazy.  I pay a decent amount of attention to my horoscopes and astrologic signs and I’m astounded at how much sense it usually makes in my life.  Although, I am sitting here listening to the Best of Enya, like the 65-year-old I am, so also, not surprising for me!

The planets are fascinating and there’s actually plenty of scientific research about their effects on our lives.  (Mercury is finally direct and out of retrograde! We’ll talk later. It’s real, I swear.)


MindBodyGreen is my go-to website for all things spiritual/metaphysical/self-development.  They have a genius article on the full moon and say this is when “energy peaks” for the month.  Isn’t it funny how people who work in hospitals, or schools, or anywhere with a large number of employees/customers seem to say “it must be a full moon” when something strange happens?  Yeah, that’s because the moon has a major pull on our moods and emotions.

September 6, 2017 at 3:02 am is the peak of the moon that’s sometimes called the Harvest Moon or the Full corn Moon. The “Harvest Moon” is the full moon closest to the Fall equinox (Farmer’s Almanac).  This is the time we, quite literally, harvest the corn crops.  Hopefully you planted some exciting seeds 6 months ago because get ready to harvest those plants!  It’s also when your have super creative powers so I should probably start brainstorming for my Shark Tank pitch.


Everyone has something to release.  Maybe it’s not life-changing, but I want to get rid of my bad habit I got into lately of “needing” dessert every night.  This is not helping me one bit.  Buh bye Magic Shell and ice cream!  Who needs ’em? I’m better than that.   Full moons are also the time to reap what you’ve sown.  I have plenty of goals I’ve dreamed of that feel much closer now.  Some months I don’t have something so tangible I’m ready to release but you can also use this time to unburden yourself from old assumptions you’ve had about your life or circumstances. Purge it out!  There are fears that probably need to be ditched like FOMO or a fear of failure.

Ready to get into how easy it is to let go? What? Like it’s hard?

There is a lot more that could do into this but if you’re like most of us these days and have “real” things to do, you want it short and sweet.

Cliff Notes version:

  • All you have to do is write down a person, situation habit, etc. that bothers you.  Be specific. Include details of what you don’t like and why you want to get rid of it.
  • Now picture your problem solved! What do you feel like now that you have a solution to this? How happy are you to not have this bad habit anymore?
  • Once you’ve finished seeing it fixed in your mind, you can “forgive” whatever you just released.  You’ll see the issue without negativity attached.
  • Best part of the night! I hope you wrote your issue down on paper because go find an open flame and burn that baby!  Come on, you know you want to set fire to your problems!  So who doesn’t?

That’s about it.  Declaring it is making it known you are through with it. Now you can get on with your life, feeling better that you took a stand, and took action. Next month will be there soon enough to pick something else that’s still haunting you.

Let’s kick it up a notch and end with a joke.  Mostly just because I thought this was pretty funny and full moons are also a time of celebration.

Aren’t people clever.

If you want to learn more about all the phases of the moon and how to work with them a little more check out this super helpful chart!  And, this has a detailed exercise to do too!

Tell your old negative thoughts to get lost.  They just want to hold you back.

~Whitney Victoria

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