How to Have a September to Remember

Staring into space?  Or doing some deep reflection?

We get a clean slate every day.  The first of the month is just a convenient place to being again, so I’m taking advantage.

Ahh, sweet September.  It doesn’t get much love.  Kids go back to school, Labor Day is a holiday that is best known as the official end of summer even though it’s technically going strong until 9/22.  We all know it’s Fall now, right? Summer’s had it’s day.  Nevermind that I’m a winter baby and long to put on my tights and boots.  And probably a beret, because I want to be Faye Dunaway.  Or Rachel Berry, circa season 4.

Anyway, I love Fall because it seems like a new world.  Put on a sweater.  Set a pumpkin or two on your porch.  Eat some Halloween candy early.  Like my personal favorites: Justin’s Dark PB Cups and Lindt Truffles  – aka Heaven.  I would like to buy you all a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (Top movie in Whitney World.)  There are some little things I’m planning on doing this month.  Big and small.  This is just a to-do list but when I’m really serious about planning something huge, I like mixing up the seriousness of my goals.  Shaun White does that too. Watch this! It makes the massive result you’re chasing seem a little less daunting.

September Goals 

  1. Go get a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I’m telling you, it gets you in the seasonal mood! This leads to you being more present and in-the-moment.  You’ll appreciate what’s happening now instead of pining for summer.  Just have anything autumn flavored.  I”m having an almond milk latte…dairy gives you inflammation…Maybe you hate PSLs, so at least eat a maple doughnut or something. Ooo!  Or better yet, bake some pumpkin bread!  I may jump the gun and whip up a batch of muffins now that I’m talking.
  2. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset.  Now this is one of my favorite things on any day but hands-down the best colors come in Fall.  The sun is not meant for pics. It’s too cool for that. It never feels the same as witnessing it first-hand. The reds, golds, oranges, pinks all look more vibrant when it’s Autumn.

    Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
  3. Start a fitness challenge Even though January 1 is usually the time when people get their butts in gear, I like this time of year to be more consistent with an exercise routine.  Running on a trail with leaves is perfect.  So are the temperatures.  You can still wear shorts but don’t need gloves to stave off the frost bite.  Starting September 5, I’m doing Lori Harder’s 14 Day Workout Challenge.  I love that length.  It’s no P90X where you’re killing yourself for 3 months (I’ve done those types of games too…) Do it with me! It’s only 20 min. a day.
  4. Reflect.  This weekend I’m writing down all the things my summer entailed and what I wish I did.  I bet you did something great even if you didn’t make it to the beach.  People overlook the little things that made them happy. It’s really important to take stock of your accomplishments and think about how you felt about them.  This is not about living in the past or having regrets.  I actually do this a lot at night before I go to sleep.  I like reviewing my days because it’s incredibly helpful in making my tomorrow better.  this is not some stressful moments where I’m sad about my lack of greatness.  The fun part comes when you re-imagine your day exactly how you wanted it go.  Your memory is smart and will naturally start to link it with that thing you did or didn’t do.

    That’s what makes the shoulds become musts the next time.  Does that make sense?  Ask  me to clarify if you want to try it out.  I swear it works.

  5. Pick 3 things you want to do before the end of the year.  Take action now and plan them.  In a few weeks, I want to go pick apples here.  It’s simple and I’ve never done it even though it’s basically in my backyard. Plus, I’m ready to try my hand at apple pie again.  I’m great with other baked goods, but pies are my kryptonite.  I”m still cracking that code on not burning the crust and not have an uncooked middle…

One other thing I”m committing to is to meditate each day for at least 15 minutes.  I love it so much but sometimes I think I’m better than that and I don’t need it/don’t have time! When I sit with my eyes closed (no falling asleep!), I get the clearest answers, outfit ideas…hah!  You know I’m serious.  It’s pretty magical.

**Bonus tip:  Start Christmas shopping!  You don’t have to watch Hallmark movies and have “White Christmas” playing in the background but it is 10x less manic when you pick up some gifts now!  I love to notice a present that’s perfect for someone rather than being forced into buying a generic scarf because I waited until the last minute.

September, I’m coming for you.

~Whitney Victoria


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