Style Revolution


Want to change your mood?  Change your clothes!

I grew up not caring what I wore.  Then, I cared but I didn’t dress how I wanted.  It was based on what I thought I was supposed to wear.  Whatever that means.

Now my style is alllll about Whitney.

Maybe sometimes it’s little crazy, or bright, or short, or just not fit for the suburbs.  But I feel authentic.  I’m really into authenticity. In all areas of life even though that’s hard, it’s worth it.

Back to fashion and personal style.  It means sooo much to me because I used it to express myself when I didn’t feel as confident using my voice.  Even when I acted shy, I still wore my neon sweaters.

 I always had the choice to be bold or to blend in.

I have endless possibilities and can embody any emotion I want to with clothes.  It’s never about costumes for me.  I find it easy to mix it all together and keep it 2017 (at least I like to think so…) Sometimes I pretend I’m famous and wear a fedora and sunglasses to get groceries.  Or perhaps, I’m really into the ’60s that day.  Then I’ll wear some big hoops and a mini skirt!  If you know me, you probably think I’m constantly have a ’60s moment…

I wanted to get in my white before Labor Day!

If it’s rainy, I’m drawn to brighter colors to cheer myself up!

Got a job interview or big meeting?  I’m wearing my power suit, and by power suit, I mean my leather pencil skirt and black blazer…

When the seasons change, I’m consciously planning outfits so I get in the spirit.  Speaking of which, hello Fall! Since that means burgundy, plaid, and riding boots, I’m starting early as soon as the calendar flips to September.  I did that already.  Bought myself two extra days.  August wasn’t that fun anyway.

Today: I needed to wear some Lilly in honor of the last day of the sale.  Pink pineapples seemed fitting for a summer send-off.  It’s over, right?  I’d like some snow now.

I think you know how you feel when you’re in a sick outfit you love.  Maybe it’s just a certain color you feel AMAZING in.  When you have that on, man, it’s Powerful.


I’m sick of people acting like caring what you look like is shallow or means you’re not intelligent.  It’s about taking pride in yourself and putting your best foot forward, preferably in some sleek ankle boots.  I may look too dressed up at times but if I feel good, nothing else matters.

Isn’t that the rule of the Universe?  We’re supposed to feel good.

When I was little, Barbie and American Girl Dolls were my favorites because I could change their clothes!  Oh, Samantha’s running away with Felicity in the middle of the night?  Good thing I’ve put them in their cloaks and bonnets!  Boy, did Barbie wear her evening gowns around the house even while Ken lived in board shorts.

Who cares?  She can dress how she pleases.  And, so can I.

Got a favorite ensemble?  I know you do.


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